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The stiletto: the ideal height for heeled shoes

As you would expect, walking in heeled shoes can be quite difficult, especially if the heel is high. But is it really possible not to fall in love with these beautiful shoes when we wear them on?

They are a must for femininity, because they embody chic and elegance. And that’s why we can’t help but wear them.


That’s why XXIV Carats reveals the secret behind the scenes.

A symbol of elegance and femininity, the great advantage of heels is that they lengthen the silhouette in the blink of an eye and give us a more assertive look.

So how do you stay comfortable in heels all day long? Especially when your profession requires you to wear heeled shoes, but also for all those who want to wear heels.

Remember that a 5cm heel is the ideal average to be comfortable and at ease when you wear your pump on.

However, with all the different models and the constant evolution of women’s shoe, we need to do more for women, don’t we?

So, there are some tips to wear heeled shoes and walk without suffering.


First of all, let’s have a look at the different types of heels:


Small heels such as kitten heels (very appreciated by cabaret dancers, show & spectacle dancers, latin/jazz dancers etc…) or chipper heels for example, make it possible to gain height without any particular difficulty. If you don’t feel comfortable on stilettos, this is the ideal alternative.

For women who are fans of wedge heeled shoes, think about it! We all have at least one pair of it in our dressing room. Wedge heels have the advantage of being very comfortable and will make you gain a few centimetres high. Most wedge heels have a platform at the front, which sometimes makes it almost impossible to feel the height of your heel if it is more than 5cm. However, it is important to know that the more platform you have, the less you feel the ground under your feet, so it is possible to lose your balance.

Square and rectangular heels are also very comfortable, although less fashionable.


High heels between 5 and 10cm…

These are the most common because they allow to have a slender silhouette without the impression of walking on stilts. They can therefore be worn for work or for a party.

If you want to stay with high heels, check out the model.

For example: we find that ankle support with straps or laces, or even with zips at the back of the foot, is necessary to keep your balance on stiletto heels. This is because the ankle is held in place and therefore there is no risk of the foot slipping out of the shoe and it also provides better stability. The foot is fully supported. This is the example of our “AfricanQueen” & “La Tropicale” models from the “WeLoveAfrica” range.

You should rather choose closed shoes, such as boots, ankle boots, low boots… You will feel more stable and will be less likely to fall or twist your ankle, because you also have this support at ankle level. The example of our “La Fatale” model from the “Stiletto” range.

For models without this ankle support, such as pumps for example, you really need to choose an ideal heel height, so that you feel more comfortable walking, and with which the arch of the foot remains natural. If you are not keen on pumps with  small heel heights, a maximum of 10cm could be a good solution. For fans of pointed toe shoes, which often don’t have a platform at the front, and if your pump is a stiletto, wearing a shoe that has a heel above 10cm high will cause discomfort when walking, even if your feet impeccably fit in your pair.

Heels over 10cm are the most difficult to wear. They are most of the time worn by its lovers for the gorgeous photo that will be published on Instagram.

As for the heels in our “Business” range, they are 9.5cm high. These pairs have been exclusively designed to feel comfortable and elegant when you wear them. The height of 9.5cm on a stiletto heel gives the impression to wear a high heel. That’s why we play on the aesthetics of the model. The pointed toe, which embodies glamour and elegance for excellence, and a 9.5cm stiletto heel, are the guarantee to have a beautiful shoe. This combination will satisfy your needs and will allow you to remain comfortable all day long while on high heels.

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