The story of the brand began in 2013, when its founder had the wish to create her own brand in reference to her addiction to heeled shoes. But it is only a few years later, having gained some expertise, that the adventure began.

As a fan of Roman numerals, hence the XXIV logo, the number comes from her date of birth, 24th December, which she particularly likes. This date, which she defines as special, sacred and blessed, being the only time of the year when the magic of Christmas shines. Since then, her favourite date has become her favourite number.

CARATS : how not match the number 24 to its carat? A beautiful way for the founder to define the value of women, thinking of a woman walking on gold.

And finally  PARIS : because it was essential for her to represent the French capital, attached to its values and principles in terms of fashion. Paris is also of course the city where she spent her entire childhood and her best memories since her early age.

« …for years I have been wearing heels all day long. During my studies at the university, my intense working days where I had to be stylish and greet customers, when I danced in front of my mirror for hours or at occasional events. For me, a pair of heels perfectly represents a woman, it gives her personality and an imposing presence. Heels enhance her legs, her corpulence, her posture and her pretty arch. There are all types of women, and for this reason, XXIV Carats Paris has identified all of them. In one day, a woman can have 24 different personalities: mother, cabaret dancer, businesswoman, sportswoman, secret agent, doctor, bride, wife, lawyer… »

And I will finish with the famous and well stated sentence :

« Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world… »

Discover our XXIV CARATS universe…